Membership Information

ARTICLE 3 – MEMBERSHIP Any citizen of the United States may become a member of this organization on a one hundred (100%) percent vote of the members present at a regular meeting and on payment of the usual initiation fees, dues, and other provisions of this Article.

  1. Effective January 1, 2007, all members, and associate members are required to attend an orientation class that will include basic firearm safety and range rules. In addition, all members, and associate members, are required to pass (passing grade 80% and higher) a test as compiled by the Executive Committee.
  2. All new members, and associate members, are required to attend the orientation class and pass the test before a vote on their membership application can proceed.
  3. Members, and associate members, who can show evidence of firearm knowledge and safety, are exempted from the orientation and test provisions of this article.
  4. Those exemptions are: National Rifle Association certified instructors; Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife – hunter education instructor; a law enforcement officer who carries a firearm for duty purposes; a classification card from the NRA of High Master, Master, Expert or Sharpshooter; having earned more than six (6) points toward a “Distinguished” rifle or pistol As adopted on January 4, 2006 badge from the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (CMP); IDPA Classification of marksman, sharpshooter, expert, or master. Or persons who have successfully completed an NRA firearms safety course.
  5. Only NRA-certified instructors in rifle, pistol, shotgun, personal protection in the home, or Division of Wildlife – hunter education instructors, or instructors approved by the Ohio Peace Officers’ Training Commission (OPOTC), are authorized to lead and instruct the orientation class. The Executive Committee has the final determination on who may lead and instruct any orientation class. The provisions of this article are meant to enhance and support the knowledge and attitudes necessary for the safe use and storage of firearms. It is the intent of the membership to improve the on-range safety for fellow members and the surrounding community.
  6. All current members of the club have to be current members of the NRA.